Alexander Investigative Services, Inc. was established in 1993 and is one of Florida’s oldest true independent Private Investigation Agency’s. The business operated as a sole proprietorship until incorporating in early 1998. We are now and have always been in good standing with All State licensing agencies. To date, there has never been a single complaint filed against the company and no disciplinary action has ever been taken against the company or any of its employees.

Since being founded it has been our policy to proudly stand behind all of the work that we do! It is our guarantee that the results of each and every investigation conducted will be reported truthfully, accurately and without bias. Our business philosophy is simple: We work with pride, we work with integrity, and we work honestly. Regardless of what it is that we have to report, regardless of whom the results benefit, it is our responsibility, our obligation, to simply truthfully report the facts.

Alexander Investigative Services, Inc. specializes in conducting research. The single most important and effective weapon when preparing for court is knowing your adversary. The key to locating individuals who do not want to be found is information. One of the most important tools for the successful detection and/or prevention of fraudulent or over inflated insurance claims is information. The key to conducting a Background Investigation whether it is the fairly simple task of determining if someone has a valid driver’s license or the complex procedure of conducting a multi-state comprehensive records search, is knowing where to find information.

With that in mind Alexander Investigative Services, Inc. has developed an extensive and complete information network. We have the knowledge to extensively search the Internet for any information that you may need. More importantly we also know how to find records the old fashion way. We do not need the Internet or information resellers. We know the sources of information and data and have the knowledge and ability to be able to access every record in every city and every county encompassed in the United States. We know how to obtain all available State records in each of the 50 States, as well as any Federal record that you may need.

Alexander Investigative Services, Inc. also specializes in conducting surveillance. When conducting surveillance our job is simply to discretely observe and, when possible, document those observations. It is our duty to do nothing that would cause the subject of the investigation to take any action that he/she would not normally take. It is our responsibility to report to our clients without bias and without regard for whom our findings benefit.

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