If an individual attempts to or does in fact hire us and it is subsequently determined that the subject of the investigation has a restraining order against the individual who hired us, or if it is determined that the individual who hired us has a history of harassment against subject of investigation; the individual who hired us will forfeit all rights to confidentiality, the subject of the investigation will be notified, as will the proper authorities, and court testimony will be provided if necessary.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone without reason!

Services offered include but are not limited to:

  • Accident Investigations
  • Comprehensive Background Investigations
  • Civil Investigations (Automobile Accidents, Fraud, General Liability, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse, Negligence, Product Liability, Slip & Fall, Wrongful Death)
  • Criminal Investigations (Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery, Battery, Child Abuse, Fraud, Homicide, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Theft)
  • Database Investigations
  • Depositions & Court Appearances – A minimum per day fee equivalent to six (6) hours of time at our standard hourly rate plus any travel expenses will be charged. If the time required is significantly less than six (6) hours the fee will be adjusted accordingly
  • Deposition Videography
  • Financial Investigations
  • General Record’s Research
  • Internal Corporate Surveillance
  • Interviews & Statements- All face to face Statements will be billed based upon our hourly rate plus a $300.00 transcription fee for Recorded Statements (if transcription is wanted). There is no hourly fee for Transcribed Telephone Recorded Statements just the flat rate of $300.00.
  • Locates
  • Surveillance – We will accept assignments throughout the State of Florida. However our primary coverage areas encompass the following Counties Charlotte, Citrus, Desoto, Hardee, Hernando, Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Marion, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota, and Sumter. Please refer to the map at the bottom of this page which outlines the primary coverage area.. Upon receipt of each new assignment we will obtain and then provide the Requester with a specific database generated background report if a similar report cannot be provided. Before initiating surveillance upon the individual under investigation we will first attempt to verify his/her residency. If it is determined that the individual under investigation does not reside at the address provided for him/her it will be the Requester’s choice to either have the cost of locating this individual included in the surveillance budget or added to it.
  • Missing Persons
  • Missing Heirs
  • Patent & Trademark Investigations
  • Photography/Videography
  • Pre-Employment Screening

All services are billed at a rate of $100.00 per hour per investigator plus expenses. Expenses may include but are not limited to travel expenses, document fees, database fees, event fee, and necessary purchases. Upon completion of each investigation the Client will be provided with a paper copy of the report as well as a USB drive containing an easily downloadable copy of the report, documents obtained, photographs, and video.  There is a $10.00 fee for the USB drive. Payment is required in full upon receipt.

We will accept cases from most insurance companies, attorney firms, and businesses without a written contract. In most instances a retainer will not be required either.  Formal contracts can be negotiated for individual assignments and or volume work.

We request that our Clients disclose to us all information that they possess concerning the individual under investigation. The more information provided to us at the onset of the investigation, the better our chances are of more efficiently pinpointing the times an individual may be active and the locations to which that individual may travel.  In the course of conducting Investigations, it is sometimes necessary to obtain information through a specific individual. If, for legal reasons, there are individuals who are not allowed to be contacted please inform us of that at the onset of the investigation

For private individuals a contract is required and a retainer for the entire estimated amount of the investigation will be required.

In obtaining all information we will comply fully with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Driver’s License Privacy Protection Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Federal Privacy Act, and any other legislation that may pertain to the gathering and usage of public and private information.

Information contained in on line computer databases is only as accurate as the information imputed. We are not responsible for omitted, inaccurately recorded, or improperly cross referenced records obtained through these databases.